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2012 Spring Newsletter


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2011 Greenwood Lake Air Show and Car Show was a success!

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Winter 2010-2011 News Letter

Here are the major headlines from this season's news letter. Be sure to stop by the front desk to pick up your copy today!

  • New DigiWX AWOS System now at Greenwood Lake! Visit www.digiwx-4n1 for more information!
  • New Charts and Supplies are in! The latest charts expired on Nov. 18th so make sure your charts are up to date!
  • If you haven't noticed, the new Jet-A truck is here! Tell your turbo prob and helicopter buddies!
  • Is your plane due for annual, 100hr, or just need an oil change? Our maintenance shop can get whatever you need done. Call 973-728-1700 to schedule an appointment!
  • Snow removal is just around the corner. All tenants and their guest are asked to please park your car in the lots to the side and behind the building during snow removal and not by their planes. Thank you.
  • The banquet hall is a great place to have your parties! Look for it to be expanding in the winter months. Call 972-728-7721
  • 2011 Greenwood Lake Air Shows. Thats right, plural. Look for a show coming in May and our WWII showcase sometime late August.
  • The pilot lounge is now located in the Connie. Enjoy couches, tv, and internet while waiting or planning a flight.
  • Greenwood Lake will now be carrying Phillips 66 fuel and will also be participating in their rewards program! Pamphlets with more information are available at the front desk.


Greenwood Lake Airport will have Jet A Fuel for sale beginning next week.


The grading project between the runway and taxiway is now complete. Just one more step towards the beautification of Greenwood Lake Airport.




Potluck Dinner and Thunder in the Highlands

Many Tenants came out with their friends and family as we celebrated Independence Day a little late. Everyone brought a little something to share and the food was delicious.






Greenwood Lake Airport welcomed pilots to a Free Tailwheel Seminar presented by Harley Carnes. Those in attendance enjoyed an hour long seminar with hor d'ourves to eat as they mingled before and after. There was even a raffle for a free lesson in the Cub. Our winner was quite happy with it.




Greenwood Lake Airport hosted an FAA Seminar and an Aerobatic Practice box. Many pilots flew in and enjoyed the day watching other pilots display their skills and listening to the speakers.  sem.jpg




To take care of some of the standing water problems we are currently doing some drainage work. That should be finished up with the next few days.

The fence project is also going to get underway again. After being put off for the Winter, the Spring weather is allowing us to finish it up. Expect to see that done within the next two weeks.



New Fence

As you may have noticed we started on our new fencing project. Working with the State we are able to re-fence the entire airport to help keep the wildlife out. The area underneath the Connie will be expanded to help make the airport more inviting to the general public. A patio area will be set up in the Spring so people can sit and watch the planes. The fencing project is expected to be completed within the next week!

Snow Loader

This winter we have a new beast of a snow loader to help keep the runway clear.connienew007.jpg

The "Connie"

The Constellation recieved a new paint job to most of her exterior and her tail was reskinned. She is looking beautiful, be sure to check her out.

EAA Chapter now forming at Greenwood Lake Airport

March 22, 2008

The local pilots of Greenwood Lake Airport are now forming a local EAA chapter.

EAA provides its members with opportunities to enjoy aviation. If you’d like to experience the thrill of aviation on a local level, consider joining their chapter. Currently the chapter members are taking names of all those interested. If you would like to get involved, call or drop by the airport for more info. You can reach the airport management by calling 973-721-7721. Being a member of EAA allows you to share your interest with thousands of other members in a variety of different events and activities, including fly-ins, picnics, workshops, Young Eagle Rallies, and more.

As a local Chapter member you will also need to join EAA. It is easy to do, just call EAA Membership Services at 1-800-564-6322 or join on-line.

Each Chapter has its own personality that is reflected in its members and local culture. But all Chapters have one thing in common: a passion for aviation! If you are looking to get more out of your EAA membership, the next step is to join an EAA Chapter.

For more information on EAA visit http://www.eaa.org/ or email Joe Tarantino at thunderjoe@optonline.net.

Article: 100 Most Needed Airports in US

From Aim West Milford 5/20/2007
"Councilman Warden praised Tim Wagner, in charge of Greenwood Lake Airport for his "tremendous job" in bringing the airport back to the caliber it once was. He said runways have been paved and the banquet hall (once a highlight of West Milford's large group social scene) is ready and the diner is operating. "It's a great place for Cub Scouts and Kids to go to watch the planes." He said dozens of jobs are being provided to local people. Warden Praised wagner for his "considerable" work to bring the Greenwood Lake airport to the prestigious place that longtime residents remember it being. He noted that not many such small airports still exist in New Jersey.

from Aim West Milford 8/3/07
Recently, the K9 Team of all-volunteer New Jersey Search and Rescue, Inc., conducted an aircraft training session at Greenwood Lake Airport. Pictured left to right are West Milford Town Councilman James Warden, who provided the services of his airplane, and himself as polot for the event; Lt. Peter Bremy and dog Boomerang, Robert Langendoen and his dog Micah; and Sue Lavoie and her dog Summer. The K9 Team provides search and rescue (SAR) services for lost or missing persons, forensic, cadaver and evidence searches, drowning victims and disasters. Currently, all the dog handlers are West Milford residents. For more information, visit njsar.org, or e-mail k9@njsar.org or info@njsar.org .


Girl Scout troop 679 from Pines Lake School in Wayne, NJ visited Greenwood
Lake Airport on Oct 20, 2007 as part of a program to qualify for two
aviation badges. Hosted by Bob Leszkowicz, a multi-engine, commercial pilot
who flies out of Greenwood Lake, the girls were taught some basic aviation
principles about airport operations, navigation and the basics of flight.
Every girl was taken on a cockpit tour of a twin engine Duchess based at
the airport and saw first hand the controls and instruments that pilots use
to fly a plane. Also included in their visit was a short presentation on
flying in the 50's and 60's highlighted by a tour of the Lockheed
Constellation based at Greenwood Lake Airport. Two girls have already
expressed their desire to come back to the airport to learn more about
aviation with the hope of piloting a plane themselves some day.




In the Kitchen with Tim Wagner February 15th 2008 West Milford Messenger